15-1-12am Old Covenant – New Covenant
29-1-12am Persistence
12-2-12am Beware the yeast of the Pharisees
4-3-12pm The Greatest Power
11-3-12am The Twilight Zone
22-4-12am Choose Life!
24-6-12am Extreme Obedience
22-7-12am Remember to say Thank You
9-9-12am Vision of 400
16-9-12am Don’t let a good crisis go to waste
21-10-12pm What if we had a Spirit-filled Leadership
4-11-12am Tig – you’re on
11-11-12pm Are you Worshipping or Singing
9-12-12am Faith like broccoli
16-12-12pm Smoking or Non-Smoking
6-1-13am Pictures, Words, Prophecies
20-1-13pm Oh to be a godly woman
10-3-13am There is no peace, no joy, no thrill…
31-3-13am The greatest day in history
7-4-13pm The Cross – have you got it
14-4-13am Provision Should Never be the Problem
21-4-13pm Claiming the Dominics Site
19-5-13am The Holy Spirit is the key
26-5-13pm Do you love me
9-6-13am The Power of Testimonies
16-6-13pm Always ask for 50% more
30-6-13pm Fruit of the Spirit
7-7-13am Moving on
14-7-13pm Change