Do you have SatNav? Course you do.

You can download a .csv file of UK Methodist churches (439k) suitable for Garmin and some other units, or go to where you can download a TomTom version (bottom right of the page).

Do you use Google Earth? You can download a .kml file of UK Methodist churches (980k) suitable for Google Earth. Put the .kml file in your Google Earth folder (probably \Program Files\Google\Google Earth), and then, from inside Google Earth, click on File – Open and locate the file MethodistChurches.kml . Then Fly to your town to get an overview of your Methodist Circuit.
You may wish to use the 980k file to create a small .kml file for your own Circuit; you can open the .kml file with Excel (File – Open – All Files – MethodistChurches.kml – Yes – As an XML table) and edit it so as to include only your area.
Many thanks for John D. Hays of Edmonds, Washington, for his help generating the .kml file.