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How would you like your Email address to look? Perhaps, or
Or - for churches -


If they'd had the Internet in the 18th century, wouldn't John Wesley and his brother have been and

Now you too* can have a genuine Email address for just 2 a week - less than a Starbucks.

(And they make great presents at birthdays and Christmas for your Methodist family and friends.)


Revd. Christopher Mabb

Here's how it works

You keep your Email account with your existing Internet Service Provider; mail addressed to gets automatically (immediately and transparently) delivered to your existing Email address, and you download it in the usual way. You set up your Email software such that your Email address is (in Outlook Express, this is in Tools - Accounts - Mail - Properties - General).


International Methodist Email address:

  • Identifies you with the Methodist Church worldwide

  • Easily memorable for your contacts

  • Destination address can be changed if you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Good conversation opener if you want to talk to friends about your church and your belief in Jesus

  • Can be renewed year by year

  • Costs less than a Starbucks a week (2 a week; 100 a year)

  • Helps give the Methodist name prominence


  1. What if I change my Internet Service Provider?
    Simply let us know the new Email address you want your Email sent to. Please provide 7 days' notice.

  2. What about next year? Will the service still be available?
    I've had the domain since 1995, and first offered Email forwarding for Methodists in 1999. This is an ongoing service, allowing use of your Methodist Email address on permanent documents.

  3. What about a web address? Can you offer that?
    Yes, that's possible - see for an example. Please
    Email to talk about this further.


Try this service risk-free for up to 30 days. If within that time you change your mind, simply Email me on for a cheerful refund - with my thanks for giving it a try.

What next?

  • Fill in the form below telling us

    1. your name

    2. your current Email address for our reply

    3. the Methodist church you belong to (or other reason for wanting an International Methodist Email address)*

    4. your choice of Email address (if it's still available)

    5. the Email address you want the Emails forwarding to (if different from 2. above)

  • You will receive an acknowledgement promptly by Email

  • We'll then confirm the availability of your choice of Email address within 48 hours; names are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We'll include a PayPal link for your payment of 100 (convert this to your local currency by clicking on's Universal Currency Converter). You do not need a PayPal account, and can pay using your credit card

  • After receiving your payment, we'll arrange the Email forwarding with the server. We'll let you know when it's working (usually within 7 days)

  • Edit your Email address in Outlook Express (or similar) to read, and give your new address to your contacts

Act Now!

1. Name:
2. Email address for reply:
3. Methodist Church attended:
4. Email address requested:
5. Destination Email address (if different from 2.):
6. Any additional comments:

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What else? Please tell your Methodist friends

Do you have Methodist friends who might be interested in having their own Email address? Why not send them a link to this page? Thank you.


When I looked younger...

*The small print

This opportunity is:

  • available to genuine Methodist members, churches or organisations. I reserve the right to decline requests for any reason.

  • subject to the usual parameters of cyberspace; no liability can be accepted for Email delivered late or lost.




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